Andy Mac writes pop songs for people who don't think they like pop music. Although the hooks and harmonies are pleasurably addictive, the lyrical focus skews darker, speaking to an earnest melancholy.

A few bars into one of his songs, and more than a few surprised new listeners nodding both in time to the music, and in emphatic agreement with his starkly honest take on relationships, damage and salvation.

Finishing days before he left, Andy brought his debut album, "Music for a Bright Moon Sky" to New York City from Buffalo, NY. A fully independent effort released on his own label, he played nearly every instrument himself. The album completely sold out of its first run, and music from that release was featured on 20th Century Fox, MTV Television shows, and on XM Radio.

His sophomore release, titled "Struggle Fantastic", is at once more positive and more introspective, and reveals a maturing artist working through increasingly complicated situations in an effort to find redemption. Funded completely by donations from Andy's fans, the album was released along with a complete surprise album entitled “410”, which was recorded in the empty home where Andy grew up.

But on Mac's fourth release, "Beggar Billionaire", we see an artist truly coming into his own and discovering who he is. And the release event of this album completely sold out, as did the first run of physical copies.

2020 has Andy fighting hard to keep his music alive. While like everyone else he is struggling through the Pandemic, he's still playing as many shows as he safely can, while working on a new album.